Monday, November 25, 2019

Ice Rink

I take one step 
onto that ice
and an immediate shock
of electricity shoots through me
strength and adrenaline rushes through my blood stream
my heart sings
my soul screams, finally free
my body rips through the cage that it has been kept in for so long
sick of being confined to the ordinary mundane movements
of an ordinary life
it is free
I am free

and i dance i dance the dance i have danced my whole life a dance unlike any other a dance on ice my soul intertwines with the soul of the ice it is my partner and we are inseparable we dance together, like two lovers long removed from each other finally reunited grasping each other in a loving embrace

I have missed the cold awakening hug of the wind
encircling me as a spin
the sparkling ice beneath my skates 
twinkling approval up at me as i dance with it

I jump
and i can fly
I am free
nothing in the world can hold me back
no one can cage me
you can't cage my spirit or my soul

I belong on the ice
its a part of me
and always will be

Come visit the NEW Ice Rink at the Retreat.

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