Thursday, November 21, 2019

If I make someone smile

I have known beauty in art,
in nature, and in bodily form,
once I was beautiful and I enjoyed
it and all the access it gave me
I have read, I have written,
I have been over-educated
I have known both the ease
and burdens of privilege
but in all the ugliness that comes with life,
I have known what it is to be awake,
for a few moments at least,
or maybe I had the delusion that I was,
which I’ll take just the same.

That is not me,
But only what I let you see.
I am more complicated than you will ever know.

And yet I am really very simple,
I still naively expect the best from people.
Something I always try to give others,
Honesty, caring, mindful of feelings, doing what I can.

If I make someone smile,
If I help someone understand something,
If I make a difference,
I am successful.

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