Friday, November 29, 2019

Raising Men

I already made up my mind that the simple things I am describing in this blog section do not happen, because men like this do not exist, The problem is that most men were raised by women, by their mother or grandmother. To be honest, women made some major mistakes raising these men.
The perfect man? NOPE...
There are certain qualities the perfect man should possess. Now, this is different for each person because we all have unique tastes of personalities. 

Honesty: I rather have someone be brutally honest with me inside of someone who sugarcoats a situation or opinion. If I have to find out later what he really wanted to say, it will create distrust and me then thinking what else did he lie about. Don't do it!

Humor: Yes, of course, be funny and charming when you need to be but don't be a clown of a jerk that annoys and twists everything someone says. You know those fools I am talking about. They think they are funny, but they really are not. Be creative with humor and make it taste sweet and move my stomach.

Looks: Oh I hear this so many times when people say that looks are not important. I believe that is a lie. We all have different ideas of what looks good, but we have to feel that he is appealing, at least to us. Screw the rest of the world! Men do this all the time, they drop you like a hot potato if you are not appealing to them. Don't be fooled! Do what men do.

Creative: Whether it is art or music or other joys in life, be creative. Be out of this world and unique, but be YOU. Always be you. 

There is this saying about women she is a princess in public and porn star in bed. Well let me tell you this, dear man, we women also want this BUT we want romance in bed. In public be kind when we are around. Do not refer us to your old lady...ever...and I mean ever?
An old lady is a term used to refer to your girlfriend or your wife, etc. Usually, somebody who you may like, but really don't have much respect for.

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