Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Vieux Colmar - Coeur d'Alsace

The region’s traditions of gastronomy and craft-making are often on display at one of the many outdoor fairs: The Alsace Wine Fair, The Mulhouse Fair, and the Strasbourg European Fair. 
This rich assemble of events culminates with the grand Strasbourg Christmas Market, the oldest in France. 
In fact, during the Advent, the magic of Christmas takes over all of Alsace under Saint Nicolas’ tutelage. Passionate about art and culture? 
The International Festival of Colmar, Léz'arts scéniques, or Pisteurs d'étoiles will thrill you. Alsace is also an ideal France travel vacation haven for family outings: the Bioscope, the Eagle Park or Monkey Mountain appeal to both children and adults. Unique gastronomy, world famous French wines, charming villages, wonderful hospitality: The France tourism region of Alsace has the very best to offer, all within a beautiful setting.

In Second Life:
Vieux Colmar - Coeur d'Alsace - Ville de Coeur is Inspired by Colmar in the French Alsace region. This realistic region captures many views of the old town. The fact that it is from the region my mother was born in makes it very special during the holidays because she has passed away on Christmas Day.

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