Saturday, December 16, 2017

Home for the Holidays

Here at the Retreat, it is fun to be at home, especially around the holidays. The snow outside may be cold but inside it is cozy warm around the fireplace. Want to be part of the Retreat? That can be easy actually. We still have two rentals available for L$250 per week. Each home comes with enough prims to personalize your space. You have all the comfort you need and enjoy all that the Retreat has to offer.

Here at the Retreat, we celebrate four seasons. Each one is beautiful in itself. There are many things you will find here besides the rental we have available. There is a chapel for weddings or maybe you need to just get away for a quiet moment and reflect on life. Light a prayer candle! We do hold weddings here as well, so check it out.

There is the garden and the main house. We do have it open to the public and you often see some people enjoying the serene atmosphere of the Retreat

You like art? No problem we have an art gallery that features a variety of artists in second life. Have something to show? Just let us know.

The Basement Club is two clubs in one, the outside venue and the well Basement part. Weekend life shows with DJs playing a variety of music are here to entertain you. Several events throughout the year with contests, hunts, and prizes will surely entice you to come and stop by.

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