Thursday, December 28, 2017

The wise owl

Why do we think of owls as being wise? Is it because owls have more wisdom than any other animal? No, not really. I do love owls for some reason. Maybe it is because they are awake at night and can swiftly and quietly glide though the air. 

I am sitting here with Bubo the mechanical owl is probably the best bit of the 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans. Oh sure, so he isn’t a real feathery warm-blooded bird, but he’s the GOD_CREATED replica of ATHENA’S very own owl. That’s, like, as divine as you can get in the world of owls. Plus he helps Perseus defeat the Krakon, using Medusa’s head, and if that isn’t worthy of the elusive number seven position, we don’t know what is.

Men certainly are not wise at all, because wondering why men are scared to commit?

1. There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea…and He’s a Fisherman...

maybe he is a Pisces or Aquarian man...but the sign does not really matter. Look for other will see them.

2. There is or was Someone Else

Some men are scared to commit because they have unresolved issues from the past. If he keeps talking about his ex, even if it’s with anger, don’t be surprised if he can’t commit to your relationship. He’s either still holding out hope to reconnect to a past love, or he’s too vengeful to commit to you.

3. He Has Other Priorities

In some cases, the reason why men are scared to commit to one woman is because they simply have other priorities right now.
Forget what you heard about the crazy cat ladies, being one is actually healthy and guess what else "wise"!!!

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