Saturday, December 16, 2017

I do... this picture of us, but seriously if you are looking for a wedding venue let me suggest the Chapel at the Retreat.

Not only will you get a beautiful chapel just right for that special day, but best of all you can use it for free. Yes, free. Now, where else can you get things for free.
If you have a person who will stand in to marry you, great:) We do offer you some services and all we ask is for a donation. You can even have a DJ play the music you like.

There is no reason to spend thousands of lindens that you can save. Stop by and take a look at the chapel and the entire place. You will like it. We even do receptions, so check out the wedding webpage.

The decor can be arranged in any colors you like. Just remember everything takes a little time, so make sure you are generous and give enough time. There is a notecard in the chapel at the front door.

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