Friday, July 6, 2018


A ring is as sparkling as a pool to jump into and there are many traditions on how and why women love those rings. It is not the diamond really, it is the birthstone that makes the ring surrounded by the sparkle of diamonds.

Rings are more important to women than men. Women love wearing the ring to scare off men and also to show off to their friends. It is kinda a measure of his love to you. 

A ring does not necessary mean a wedding ring or engagement ring. It can just be a ring to reflect love and friendship. Either way she will love it.

Your ring is to announce to the world, "I'm taken!" Heck, even if you just like sparkly jewelry {and who doesn't? }, I think that's reason enough, you know? I mean, I wouldn't judge your boyfriend if he wanted a lift kit for his pickup truck or a fly-fishing reel. We're allowed to want things just because.

Well, I am gonna skateboard for a bit, perhaps I stumble over a diamond along the way. Here is some food for thought: An uncut diamond. (idiomatic) A person whose goodness or other positive qualities are hidden by a harsh or unremarkable surface appearance. 
Ugh, I have too much time during the summer months to think.

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