Monday, July 9, 2018

Divine Celestial "Fun"


One glorious Sunday afternoon

I walked through a field of vanilla
so sweet to my senses
as I was humming a heavenly tune.
So I laid beside a flowing brook
and dreamt of angels in the clouds
so peaceful to my soul
as I opened my eyes, to the sky I looked.
A rainbow of colors so bright and gay
appeared all of a sudden up there
so vividly to my eyes
as I stood up and jumped to catch a ray.
I felt as I was in the clouds so high
where a cherub festival was played
so joyful to my mind
as I learned in my dream to fly.
poem by Anjelikka

We had a special set at the Basement Club called Angels and Demons (Devils) which was really cool. Always fun to dress up in  costumes and for me my favorite as an angel.

Come and join us next time at the Basement Club. Every Saturday and Sunday 6-8 PM SLT. You never know what we will be up to, but you can count that the music will be good. We play music not just tunes :) See you there.

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