Friday, July 27, 2018


pack up and leave
When a relationship is over, feelings of rejection can numb your sense of self and wreck your balance. For many jilted lovers, the first impulse is to try to fix what’s broken or recover what was lost. How can you ever move on?

You can just pack up and leave or face the fact that there will be up and downs.

face the fears and all that goes with it
Face your grief. It can be tempting to avoid grief. You may be fearful that it will be too painful, especially since you’ve lost someone and something precious. But repressing your grief can result in depression, anxiety, obsession, suppressed immune system, and chronic despair. Avoiding grief keeps you feeling stuck and powerless.
don't get pushed by a hummingbird
It is not possible to be friends. They were your best friend but you shared a physical relationship with them which makes your relationship with them way more complex than normal friendship. There are cases where exes are friends but they will tell you that either it was not a serious relationship or they were too young or the plain fact they still love each other very dearly.

now think and think again

There is not time frame when the pain has to end, but don't sit there forever either. Time to do some fun things again.

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