Friday, July 20, 2018

What is trouble anyway?

Is trouble the prey on someone's mind? It could mean so many things. You could be in trouble, get in trouble or be troubled by something or someone. Trouble could be an inconvenience of some sort or another. 

It could be personal habit or trait that is a disadvantage or a cause of mental distress. Either way too much trouble is never good for anyone.

Often in times of trouble
we don't know what to say,
So we choose to say nothing,

and sometimes run away. 

alone and nothing to do, may cause me to get into trouble
When friends are really hurting,
we don't know what to do,
So we offer weak excuses

or say we're hurting too. 

I have trouble staying dry when I am near water

It really doesn't matter
what kind of gift we bring;
We only need to be there

if we don't bring a thing. 

Tai Chi in outer space can wash away the troubled mind
It truly is amazing
what a hug can do,
When heartache numbs the senses,

and friends depend on you.
There's comfort just in knowing
that you are not alone,
When tears are overflowing,
and hearts are cold as stone. 
It's the loving prayers of others
that balance our accounts,
For when we measure love,

it's still the thought that counts.

Now I would not want to trouble your head but we can pour some oil over troubled water. I suppose you can be storing up trouble for the future if you don't go to the dentist now. Then again if something is more trouble than it's worth or is not worth the trouble, it is not important or useful enough to make an effort doing it.

 When I see the moon later I know you sent it over for me and it was no trouble at all!

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