Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Giveaway by Jake Vordun (Santa)

Jake Vordun from Fancy Decor did it again and was Santa to so many residents in Second Life. The wait was long and it was laggy but it was worth it all. I was impressed how patiently people waited in line without pushing (unless lag related) or cutting in line.

Sunday, December 16 at noon SLT to get 1 free item of choice from Fancy Decor! I got there at 1:36PM. Fancy Decor has so many nice items and it is hard to decide what to get. I have purchased many items from there before. I also love (did I say LOVE) the museum here. It is absolutely art. 

Woot, I finally got my gift at 2:33 which was an hour after I arrived.
[14:33] Jake Vordun: hi!
[14:33] Jake Vordun: What would you like?
[14:33] Anjelikka: I would like the platform adult bed or a handsome elf
[14:33] Emery Milneaux: imgaythough
[14:33] Jake Vordun: Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!
[14:33] Emery Milneaux: sorry
[14:33] Second Life: Jake Vordun gave you Fancy Decor: Platform Bed (Adult).
[14:33] Anjelikka: thank you so very much
[14:33] Jake Vordun: I can't help you with a handsome straight elf.

I guess I have to look for the elf somewhere else.

My new bed. Thank you Jake so very much for this. 

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