Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Reindeer games

We all have heard of Rudolph with shiny nose aglow
And how he saved Christmas in the fog and snow.
The story makes a hero of that reindeer on the ice,
But how he got there is a story that is not so nice.
We are told the other reindeer laughed and called him names
And furthermore, they wouldn't let him play in reindeer games.

Worse yet, it seems that Santa made not one objection.
He let them bully Rudolph, gave him no protection.
It wasn't until he had need one dark and starless night
That Santa paid attention, began to set things right.
Although he'd been mistreated, Rudolph said he'd go
To guide Santa's sled through the fog and snow.

But what if angry Rudolph on that cold, dark night
Replied, "I've had it pal. Go and fly a kite."
Then if lacking Rudolph, Santa lost his way,
Think of all the sadness upon Christmas day.
But Rudolph was forgiving and that is good to see.
He made it so the children got gifts beneath their tree.

Of course, the reindeer loved him when he gained Santa's favor.
But somehow that story seems just a bit off flavor.
Rudolph is an offshoot of the ugly duckling story
Wherein a blemish is transformed into a badge of glory.

Yet in our world, such transformations are indeed most rare.
Most challenges are lasting, not easy to repair.

We are not told if Santa punished Rudolph's peers
Or if the reindeer loved him all the passing year.
Did they make him captain of the reindeer games,
Or return to bullying and calling him bad names?

If reindeer nature is like human nature, we 
It might take more than one dark night to redeem Rudolph's nose.
Let's hope the Christmas spirit put everything aright,
That Rudolph's still a hero when moon and stars shine bright.

Be kind to each other and forgive!!!

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