Sunday, May 10, 2020

Do I miss you? I don't know

Long ago and far away
Do I miss you? I can't say
Far away and long ago
Do I miss you? I don't know
Uuh I loved it there and then
But would it be like there again?

I wake up in the morning find myself again alone
I fix myself my breakfast in my kitchen on my own
I take the coffee with me and start waiting by the phone
And then you call
And I feel like I am floating
I feel my batteries reloading
I remember your hazel eyes
And I won't forget your smile
Still, I don't know what to do
Maybe dreaming dreams of you.

Is it old and is it new?

I like to look at furniture in windows in the stores
I think a lot of cars that I know I can't afford
I make it home quite early 'cause I hope you'll call once more

And you don't call

Far from feeling like a hero
I remain at level zero
The hardest part is when hopes fall
You got nothin' at all
The hardest part is when dreams die
Please do keep'em alive

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