Friday, May 8, 2020


I do it all just because. Just because that's a good enough reason if there ever was. Because it is healing and because it feels great. It is therapy, 24/7.

Heidewitzka ( wow), is this lovely or not?

The lovey places are the reason you should log into Second Life, especially now with the C19 going on in the world. You want to see the beach, well here you go. Paradise!

I let it rain confetti for you I'll give you a lot of it. Stop hiding. That doesn't make any sense and you still have confetti in the fold of your forehead. The only thing missing is you now. Are you coming? Are you going to walk the beach barefoot with me and feel the sand in between your toes? I have so many questions for you. I know you have a small sliver of a smile right now. Do not deny it. 

Even crabs love this place in their own crabby little way.

No matter what comes, it will work out in the end, anyway
There's always a new door opening, somewhere
Even if it doesn't go well sometimes, as usual
No matter, it will work out in the end, will. The world will be right back where it started and I hope that humanity has learned a few things about what is really important. 

I am forever grateful to have this luxury to be able to log in and be here and the great thing about it, it gets more beautiful each time. The incredible talents people have and bring in here is absolutely amazing. 

~ pictures were taken at Cann!bal 
(Take unbelievable photos on a total of 4 breathtaking virtual beach regions. Enjoy a multitude of exciting tropical activities, or just watch as their dynamic region windlight day cycles control the region-wide lights. This estate has been under development for more than 10 years and offers countless attractions seen nowhere else on the grid.)

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