Thursday, May 7, 2020

Just the right word at the right time

Fly, Prozac powered Parrot, fly!

There are so many times when I feel my world has broken beyond repair and just then Second Life helps me again and usually every time to forget about the unexpected downfalls that PTSD brings.

This time it got me
You can't always just win
I'm losing my balance
That's it, you thought I was strong
Until that day when my little world breaks
Sometimes there is something that seems unexpected
Sometimes we don't need much to be happy
Just the right word at the right time
Just a little light in the dark
The moment that gets us back on our feet

Late-night chats around the fire, even when we have different opinions and beliefs we still benefit from the little things that make us happy, which is a community of people in a social distant world.

This time, fate seized me
And made my life difficult
And yet I'm here
That's it, just a moment
That gives me a smile
If nothing else moves in me
Just a smile where no one else laughs
Just a ray of sunshine after an endless night
The moment that keeps us alive
Just the right word at the right time.

I see more clearly when the fog clears and I know what the purpose is of whatever I am looking for.

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