Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hey are you awake?

“And when no one wakes you up in the morning, and no one waits for you at night, and you can do whatever you want, what do you call it? Freedom or loneliness?”

Hey, are you awake? Yeah, I'm right here. Well, can I ask you about today?

I find that most of the time people are afraid of you when you suffer from some kind of depression because let's face it depression is categorized under Mental Health. I don't feel like a nut case. I find that mental health is still a very taboo subject. Many people are still ignorant about mental health and don’t treat it seriously because it’s not really visible. There is this stigma around it like it would be an illness that is contagious. It really isn't.

There are times when I asked people for advice and the second I feel that I am a burden, I pull away. I know it makes them uncomfortable and they cannot be brutally honest to me and tell me to stop bugging, which would save me much time. 

Silence can be worse than a slap in the face because people with anxiety will analyze this and mostly in a negative way. The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse typically employed by people with narcissistic tendencies.

Do not accept emotional abuse. Know that you are worthy of a healthy relationship with someone who can communicate in a mature, emotionally healthy manner. Play with someone who has the ability to share the shovel and pail. You deserve no less. So again I ask: Hey, are you awake? Yeah, I'm right here. Well, can I ask you about today?

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