Saturday, April 25, 2020

Dancing under the stars

Every Saturday night the Basement Club holds its musical set with DJ Riker on the Retreat Plaza. This is a beautiful location surrounded by its landscape and architecture. 

You can visit here anytime and do not have to wait for any kind of set. While you are here visit the Retreat Gallery and also go down to the Basement Club where most of our sets are held.

Sunday  6-8 PM SLT DJ Karyn/or DJ Likka as a sub
Tuesday 6-8 PM SLT DJ DACINOR ( Indie/Alternative)
Thursday 8-10 PM SLT DJ Likka and DJ Dandy (Indie/Eclectic)
Friday 7-9 PM SLTGrum ( Indie/ Alternative)
Saturday 6-8 PM SLT DJ Riker (eclectic rock)

Feel free to contact me (Anjelikka) if you want to DJ or host or if you want to display your art.
We would love to have you here and enjoy the Retreat fully, so don't hesitate. Become a group member and get all the updates of events and sets that are happening here.

The music here is always unique, always different because when it comes to music you want to hear a mix of a variety of tunes. Think of it as spices to a meal. Come join us soon!!!!

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