Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Maybe boredom isn’t so boring after all.

There was actually no reason for this post at all, other than that I needed to stay busy during this C-19 thing. Real Life has come to a stop and leaves everybody thinking of what is it all about. Do I fear, do I just wait? What do I do?

I suppose we just wait and see since we are all in this together and nobody is missing anything here other than the freedom to go about what we do in our daily routine. 

We are pretty tough and we fight our way through the boredom of having more time to think. Maybe it is an opportunity to get to look at ourselves more closely? I Don't know. I am just thinking out loud, well thinking as I am writing this.

How do you spend your time? I love to hear about how people fight boredom. So wait a second—maybe boredom isn’t so boring after all, maybe all this time it’s been about avoiding your deepest inner thoughts. But isn’t that the juiciest material for a creative masterpiece?

Some psychologists who study boredom say that taking the uncomfortable path of embracing boredom, instead of escaping it, can elevate our minds and spark creativity. To really dive deep into the creative unknown that is our “bored” state of mind, we’ve got to do whatever it takes to remove those escape factors that are eating up our idle moments.

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