Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dya's scent of the Caribbean

"Dya's scent of the Caribbean. Feel the good vibes and the rhythm of Reggae. Long beaches, romantic spots, and various places for photographers. Good place for biker and horseman. Everyone is welcome :)"

The warm breeze from the ocean will tickle your senses and make you feel the cool minty waters of the Caribbeans. This place is magical in many ways, it makes you happy the minute you set foot here.

A walk along the white sandy beach listening to the seagulls singing their hungry songs. Hear the waves rolling in and out to the Reggae sounds. 

Follow the paths and it will lead you around the island and you will always find the beach. There is even a blue lagoon and turtles...just look around and you will find all the hidden treasures this lovely sim has to offer. Take a swim in the smooth sea to refresh your senses.

Or let the soft waves massage your body. The crystal clear waters are a pure joy as they surround you.
Meet some of the happy people as you frolic around the island. This is a great experience and a relaxing getaway if you need it. Stop by often.!!! 

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