Tuesday, April 7, 2020


The Easter bunny first introduced in the 1700s by German immigrants in Pennsylvania, who reportedly brought over their tradition of an egg-laying hare named "Osterhase" or "Oschter Haws." As the story goes, the rabbit would lay colorful eggs as gifts to children who were good — so the kids would make nests in which the bunny could leave his eggs, and would even sometimes leave out carrots in case the hare got hungry! Eventually, the custom spread across America to become a widespread Easter tradition — and over time, the fabled bunny's delivery even expanded from just eggs to include other treats such as chocolate and toys.
There is a treat at the Basement Club for you and you get this nice Easter Bunny for free. (the big white one) .

Whether you celebrate Easter or not I am sure you can delight yourself in some bunnies.
I put out several throughout the Retreat. Stop by often and take some pictures.

Who knows you may run into the goddess Ostara. Ostara, otherwise known as Ēostre, is the Germanic goddess of spring and dawn. On the old Germanic calendar, the equivalent month to April was called “Ōstarmānod” – or Easter-month. 

Have a "hoppy" day!!!

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