Saturday, April 11, 2020

It's not your's the booty

It's no secret that most men prefer a more shapely booty than a skinny one. I just wonder why? Is it because they don't have much of it? But that may not the only thing men like, there are those who prefer the other "B" word. Breasts!

Breasts. Do you have them? Then there's a guy who likes them. If they're on the small side, were are guys who appreciate how they defy gravity. Large and in charge? Plenty of men will have trouble keeping their eyes above your collar bone. 

An interesting fact is, while men like a woman’s butt they actually enjoy the spinal curve that much more. No really. Studies have shown it’s that angle where the spine meets the butt that really gets all the attention from the opposite sex - and for good reason. That direct angle allows the butt to be more prominent so it catches the eye. Think about it: when a woman turns to the side and shows off this sexy silhouette of a perfectly curved spine and an ample booty, it really is attractive, right? Well, we can thank the spinal curve for that.

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