Thursday, April 23, 2020

Endless 58-58N

The Orkney Islands, group of more than 70 islands and islets—only about 20 of which are inhabited—in Scotland, lying about 20 miles (32 km) north of the Scottish mainland, across the strait known as the Pentland Firth. The Orkney Islands constitute a council area and belong to the historic county of Orkney. The subject of the latest region design by  Sombre Nyx called Endless 58-58N.

It is worth a visit, leave your smartphones behind because they won't work on this remote island but do bring a sunhat and sunglasses and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The Orkney Islands were fashioned by glacial erosion of the underlying sandstone, limestone, and igneous rocks into low, undulating hills, covered extensively by glacial deposits. Westerly winds and gales account for the general scarcity of trees. 

I enjoyed the calmness here and you can take some fantastic photographs. I did not see any crowds of people a few visitors here and there, so no issue with lag at all.

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