Wednesday, April 15, 2020

You lift me up!!!

What did the fox say?
In order to create anything, you have to be open to it. Breathe!!! I know how I am I will find a hundred excuses why I cannot finish anything, but I also know once I start something I must finish it. I always feel good after I created something that all of a sudden came from me. Whether it is a poem or a story or a photograph or even a painting, how did it get started?

Just waiting for ideas to come to mind.
Do I think it through or do I just let it come to me as I wait and wait? I could even talk to a bunch of people or just sit there and laugh and the creativity may suddenly come from something someone said.

laughing with friends in order to get inspired.
Even as I took the picture below I had no idea what it would be or where it would fit in. That is the beauty of creativity, it will come to you and out of nothing you make something.

"You lift me up"

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